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Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Young People and Territoriality in British Cities, York 2008.

Many claimants taking undeclared cash-in-hand jobs did so to pay for food or heating, or pay back debt.


Harigney (the borough where in which Tottenham lies) is the thirteenth most deprived borough in England.


"Haringey is one of London's 33 boroughs. It is located in the north of the capital and more than 11 square miles in area.
Population– 2011 Census
  • Haringey has a total population of 254,900. 49.5% of the population are male and 50.5% are female.
  • 63,400 of the population are aged between 0 and 19. This is 24.9% of the total population. This is proportionately higher than both London (24.5%) and England and Wales (24.0%).
  • 169,100 of the population are 20-64. This is 66.3% of the total population. This is proportionately higher than both London (64.4%) and England and Wales 59.6%).
  • 22,400 of the population are 65+. This is 8.8% of the total population. This is proportionately less than both London (11.1%) and England and Wales (16.4%).
Ethnicity – 2011 Census
  • 65.3% of the Haringey population are made up of non-white British Ethnic Groups. This is higher than both London (55.1%) and England and Wales (19.5%). The top three of these ethnic groups are:
    • Other White (23.0%)
    • Black African (9.0%)
    • Black Caribbean (7.1%)
Projections - ONS 2011 Sub National Population Projections
  • By 2021, it is projected that the Haringey population will be 286,774. This will be made up of:
    • 60,664 (21.2%) will be 0 – 17 - (London 22.6%, England 21.7%)
    • 199,188 (69.5%) will be 18-64 - (London 65.8%, England 59.6%)
    • 26,923 (9.4%) will 65+ - (London 11.5%, England 18.7%)
Deprivation – Index of Deprivation 2010
  • Haringey is the 13th most deprived borough in the country (using the average deprivation score).
  • Haringey is the 4th most deprived borough in London (using the average deprivation score).
  • 29.2% of Haringey is amongst the 10% most deprived in the country.
  • 55.3% of Haringey is amongst the 20% most deprived in the country."
Title nomis official labour statistics.
Publisher: Office for National Statistics.
Date published: Regularly updated.
URL: /
  • Currently, Tottenham has 5,300 unemployed (11.2%, the 16th highest in London).

  • Tottenham has 6,332 JSA claimers. That being 8.1% of London, the highest.#
Haringey youth club closures: 'There'll be riots' - video
Alexandra Topping and Cameron Robertson, Length: 4min 12sec, Sunday 31 July 2011

"Theres nothing for us...when I'm with all my friends it's like we've all got hoodies and like that type of youth, nobody wants to be around us and the youth club was just a place that we could all go and have fun and like and least we had somewhere to go."
"It is a sad story the cuts are affecting young people a lot but the Government don't realise what they're doing to us...Gonna be riots."
"Now look, like we walk down the streets and we getting pulled by police. You get me?"


In January 2011, as part of £41 million spending cuts... youth services would be slashed by 75 per cent. Eight of the boroughs thirteen youth centres were closed in February and the remaining five are under threat. In addition, other services, such as after-school clubs and employment support would be removed.

Rebellion in Tottenham 2011, Uploaded on 15 Sep 2011:
  • Between April and June 2011, the police in Haringey stopped people 6,894 times. In 6,807 of these cases there was not conviction. 
  • At some point around dusk (8:44pm) the police decided to make the decision to either disperse the crowd or simply push the crowd away from the police station. In the process a young woman was apparently pushed over and struck by the police. An eyewitness claimed "She was just there because she wanted her voice heard. Everyone ran, she didn't. A group of officers, I think four or five, surrounded her. The police, just numerous times, hit her."
  • A riot sparked in Tottenham High Road, following increased police attention, a solicitor's offices (EBR Attridge) were burned. An eyewitness described the solicitors as the "solicitors for the police...the one that the police give you, will tell you to plead guilty and not represent you very well. Essentially just doing the police's work for them." It is clear that the solicitors were not picked at random, it was not spontaneous or done for the sake of it, it was symbolic. 
  • The fire from the lit EBR Attridge spread to the flats above and to a William Hills bookmaker next door- which may have been looted. People in the crowd alerted the residents and helped safely evacuate them, a bystander noted that 'People [were] hanging about, they would have made way for it.' He was surprised that the Fire Brigade did not come since one was nearby.
  • "Contrary to what the media has been telling everyone lots of small shops got left alone. I know there was an awning that got ripped off a smaller shop up the road. A lot of people just started shouting just stop it leave the small people alone."
  • "From what I saw I can't account for every shop that was broken into and the reasons behind it, but I definitely could see a lot of people saying 'no'. Like 'don't smash that shop, smash that one'. And others saying 'no, your not going to break into that one. If you want to smash a shop, smash that one." - an eyewitness account. 
  • Much like EBR Attridge, the 'rioters' actually entered the burning building in order to ensure it was evacuated. 
  • Many of the youth within Tottenham perceived the bug chains as being outsiders, they didn't provide jobs especially for black people. Hence why larger chains were targeted. 

Girl Beaten By Police Sparks London Riots Violence‬‏ the moment it was sparked ?, Published on 8 Aug 2011:
  • One young woman screamed, "It's a girl, it's a fucking girl, look what you're doing with her, it' a fucking girl you cunts."
  • A young black male encountered the police chanting "Get dem, fuckin' blood clot."
  • This event is thought to have been 'the moment it [the riots] were sparked'.

Tottenham youths reflecting on riots, Uploaded on 12 Aug 2011:
  • A group of youths described the riot in Tottenham High Ground "as real protest, the best protest ever."

Rob Smith talks about the Tottenham Riots - August 6, Uploaded on 7 Aug 2011:
  • A bystander, Rob Smith, explained that the riots instigated because "This is what happens [pointing to the burning Carpet Right] when the police take things into their own hands and shoot people [Mark Duggan] for no reason. It's no good. This is Tottenham; this is going to go on for two days- two days. They have understood that they cannot go around shooting people for no reason...The people are fighting back and they will fight back. This is not the end, believe me this will carry on."

London's Burning - Riots in Hackney, Uploaded on 8 Aug 2011:
  • The Hackney Riots followed the Tottenham riots on Monday, 8 August. It involved looting but also attacks against the police and had spread to Enfield, Brixton, Dalston and Oxford Circus.[1]
  • A young white male was interviewed on Mare Street, in the centre of Hackney. He explains that though living in Islington, he traveled up to Hackney "...because I hate the police...because they shoot people for no reason. They kill people." This is similar to Rob Smith's account of the Tottenham riots; the police kill for no reason that clearly alludes to Mark Duggan. 

A London Rioter Speaks, Uploaded on 8 Aug 2011:
  • A 'rioter' in the Hackney riots had time to be interviewed by a news team. He was part of a confrontation between rioters and police to the north of the Narrows. Asked why he was involved, he responded:
"The five O [police] on this manor take the piss. They rough up the man dem, they take liberties and at the end of the day it was inevitable. You can't go around hassling people, taking the piss out of people because this is what is going to happen. The police take the piss. At the and of the day they gunned down a man for nothing and what [he shrugs his shoulders]."
  • The rioter had clearly linked his reasoning for involvement to the shooting of Mark Duggan and the antagonism between youth and police. 
The male is further interviewed by the news team:
(R: = Rioter  I: = Interviewer)

R: It's about what we get out of it. At the end of the day what they did to him was fucked up but this is an opportunist thing, all day long. Opportunist.

I: But this should be about protesting and no one is getting their voices heard.

R: No, no. It's not about  the protesting side of it. it's about showing the five O that can't run around taking the piss out of the young man and getting away with it. So therefore we are going to smash up the area and let them know that the next time they do that kind of shit this is what is going to happen. Fuck 2012 and the Olympic Games. If this is what boils down to then we will fuck that up too. You can't go around hunting the young man like that. I walk down the street, all the man then tell them, how they got drugs on them, this that and the other. We are going are going to search you now we are going to take you down to the station and strip-search you. They take the piss. So this is what is going to happen and I am glad it happened. I'm not glad for the youth that got killed. But the boy them [police] have got what is coming to them because they take the piss. Liberties.

I: Is it going to still continue?

R: Yeah, I hope so. I know it's bad to say, but I do. I hope so.

I: What do you want to come out of this?

R: More tolerant police. That is what we need.

I: Do you think this will happen?

R: I hope so. I beg so, but I don't think it will. Because the police don't show no respect to the youngsters around here [Hackney]. The police take the piss out of everyone around here. So at the end of the day if we organise ourselves and come as a unit and show them that we can roll the force like how they treat us maybe they will show us a bit of respect. But they don't want to show us no respect so at the end of the day you have to get out and harm that shit.

I: Where are you going now?

R: I'm looking to smash up something!
Title: Centre of attention
Publisher: Inside Housing, 
Date published: 08/04/2011

"Poignantly, Monday will mark 30 years since the Brixton riots in which 5,000 people took to the streets clashing with police and ransacking shops and cars. The trigger was anger among the predominantly black local community stemming from aggressive police use of stop and search powers based on suspicion alone."

"...'Being under that level of scrutiny from the moment they leave school puts these kids’ backs up at a very young age before they even have a chance. Kids around here don’t care about ASBOs. It doesn’t deter them. It turns them into criminals.’..."

"...‘I saw a bunch of around 20 girls attacking this 50-year-old man round the corner,’ says Ms Fawcett sadly. ‘They are no less dangerous than the boys.’..."

"... ‘What we have is imposed control instead of self-control. And the more control is imposed, the less able people are to exercise self-control.’..." - Julie Fawcett, director of the Community Trust.

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