Thursday, 6 September 2012

Planning - Pre-September Notes

Planning - Pre-September Notes:

Before officially starting the EPQ, I started by actually considering what question I could research. Considering how I want be be a fashion/culture journalist, perhaps I will investigate the role of the media.

I brainstormed what I could do by writing a few questions I that I was both interested in and were actually feasible during my Summer exploits, I researched what the EPQ was and looked at a few exemplars too, my notes included:

"EPQ Note:
Question: How has the ideological concept of perfectionism, in regards to human aesthetic, evolved throughout the years?

How has the ideological concept of perfectionism, in regards to human aesthetic, been influenced by the media (1930's -> 2010's)?        

Does the media influence our perception of body image too much in today’s society? 

To what extent is the media's reflection on society a lie?, postmodernism.

To do:•Mind Maps/Stream of conscience on the media.

'I did mine in English about the evolution of Gothic Characters in Literature, namely tracking why have Vampires become the new 'Hero' and desired partners (Twilight, True Blood, Vampire dairies) from their traditional monster status (Dracula, etc.)' * " 

I will use these notes as a basis of my project, a focus on the media and its relationship with body image. Though, this project has been done before, thus risking the possibility that I will be influenced by my exemplar. Furthermore, I wish to pursue a University course in English Literature, so I may alter my project o appeal to this more. But at its core, the media will be the center-point of my project.

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