Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Summary - How to deal with the media

Summary - How to... deal with the media:

Title: How... to deal with the media.
Author: Andre Pakes.
Material Designation: Pamphlet.
Publisher: UCU (University and College Union).

Themes: Journalism from the public perspective. 

Summary of Text:

A brief 'How to...' pamphlet designed to help campaigners enlist aid from the media. It questions what the media is and its many denominations, including: journalists (local, regional and national), weekly newspapers, radio, television, student press, newsletters and the internet. 

In a simple way, it goes through a step-by-step guide on how to create a good story, get your point across, writing a press release, establishing a good relationship with journalists and finally promoting your success.

Key Quotes/Points:
  • "...the media 
  • are interested in stories that contain the following ‘news values’: conflict, unusual interest, danger,
  • celebrity, scandal, or success/failure."
  • "People have increasingly busy lives and do not have the time to digest all of the news. Write down the 
  • three most important facts...."
  • "... [on the checklist] Treat journalists with respect, and be prompt with any information they request."
My Response:

Even though the pamphlet is just a simple how to by a university union, it was surprising how much it related and corroborated my earlier findings. It has shown how people themselves can use the media to get their own points across but, yet again, journalists are the "gate-keepers" so must be treated with utmost respect. 

Original Pamphlet:

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