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Summary: TRUTH ABOUT YOUTH Perceptions of Young People in Society: June 2010

Title: TRUTH ABOUT YOUTH Perceptions of Young People in Society: June 2010
Department, body or committee: Regional Youth Work Unit - North East.
Date published: June 2010.

"i. Perceptions and Experience
Young people generally found other young people to be friendly, 
helpful, and welcoming
Young people believe that society thinks that they are intimidating, 
unfriendly, and rude 
The media was identified as the major source of information in shaping 
peoples’ opinions of young people 
More than half of the young people interviewed felt unhappy about the 
perception of young people held by society
Gang, Alcohol, Anti-Social, and Chav/Charver were the most common 
words linked with young people
Wearing hoodies and groups of males were also perceived in a highly 
negative way"

"ii. Reasons for Perceptions
There was a difference of opinion in response to the question of 
communication and respect between young people, adults of a middle 
age and older people.
Almost two thirds of the young people felt that the media portray 
young people as bad, or very bad"

"6. Recommendations
The research team propose:
1. Positive images campaign – A multi-media project to capture the 
positive images and stories of young people and challenge the 
common negative stereotypes of young people."

"Survey Results – Analysis
Perceptions and Experience
Q3 Where do you think people’s opinions come from?
Television was the most popular reason behind people’s opinion of YP
Rumours scored very high and was the second most popular factor in 
shaping people’s opinions.
Newspapers and internet were the third and fourth popular reasons"

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