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Summary - Analysis of tweets made over riots in London 6- 8th August 2011

Title: Analysis of tweets made over riots in London 6- 8th August 2011
Department, Body or Committee: Brand Aura
Date published: 2011

Themes: Social Media.

Summary + Key quotes:

The report is a content analysis that sought to analyse a had full of tweets that contained the words 'riot' or  'broadcast'. The latter used as many members " the gangs to promote the spread of any organising that they undertook."

The report looked at the BBC to derive a summary of the riots:
"• Saturday 6th August
Riots begin at Tottenham resulting in buildings, buses and cars burnt
Looting takes place from Vision Express, Boots, Argos and JD Sports
• Sunday 7th August
18:28 BST Looting begins at High Street Enfield
22:30 BST Rioting at Oxford Circus
00:45 BST Rioting and burning at Foot Locker, Brixton
00:45 BST Looting at Chingford Mount, Waltham Forest
00:45 BST Looting at Tesco store in Ponders End, Islington
02:20 BST Looting at Walthamstow finally under control
02:38 BST Fires reported in Brixton, Enfield and Walthamstow
• Monday 8th August
17:19 BST Rioting begins in Hackney
18:42 BST Bus set on fire in Peckham
18:45 BST Cars set on fire in Lewisham
20:07 BST Rioting in West Midlands
20:58 BST Fires in Croydon
21:50 BST Fire reported in Clapham
23:05 BST Looting reported in Woolwich
23:27 BST Looting reported in Ealing
23:30 BST Fires reported in Nottingham
00:45 BST Police station in Birmingham on fire."

  • "The initial analysis of tweets shows a general blas´e attitude on the Saturdayevening (between the hours of 11am to early morning), with most people worriedthat the Tottenham - Everton game in the English Premiership could be affectedby the disturbances in the Tottenham area."
  • "During the morning of the Sunday, we see some interesting words coming upin context: Bush, Westfields and loot. This would indicate that the WestfieldShopping Centre in Shepherd’s Bush was targetted early on as a potential target.Indeed, the shopping centre did come under attack later that evening."
  • "[The tweets can] seen that they are a mix of jokes, with warnings about an impending riot, to apparently serious comments about joining in the looting for particular shops."
Key tables:

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